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sissy slut phone sex

April 9th, 2010 Comments off

princess2 sissy slut phone sex

hey sissy sluts

love hearing from sissy sluts telling me how many inches they can take. ya plastic dicks dont count in my princess fucking world. wanna prove your a sissy slut that needs to take back a few hard fucking cock inches then like go hunt down a real dick n take a wad of jizz to those tonsils. really so fucking proud ya can deep throat a dildo. please. how the fuck can ya call yourself a sissy slut. like someone need to revoke your sissy slut panties or something. only till ya have eaten a load of cum then ya have earned the title of sissy slut.

princess bree 1-888-662-6482 u know you wanna dial it for some hot sissy slut phone sex.

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Sissy Slut in Panties

October 28th, 2009 Comments off

Hello Sissies

hypnoblackdress Sissy Slut in Panties

Can always tell what mood N is in just by the type of panties he has on. The is something about his sexy red lacy panties that just has him feeling like a sissy slut. Add to that the black fishnet stockings and he is well on his way to becoming my own personal cock sucking bimbo.

So what colour or style of panties will have you becoming my phone sex sissy slut?

Savannah 1-888-662-682

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Feminization Hypnosis Phone Sex

February 23rd, 2009 Comments off

hypnoblackdress Feminization Hypnosis Phone Sex

Hello Hypno Lovers

I got to play with a slutty sissy last nite during a hypnosis phone sex call. It was all about turning him into a huge slut. Dressing her up into those clothes she had seen the street walkers wear. Then once dressed up making her feel like a whore. This sissy slut wanted to suck as many dicks as possible. Sucking was really only the beginning. Transforming him from a cock sucker into a full blown ass slut was the mission of that sissy boy phone sex call.

Now that was J wish for a feminization hypnosis phone sex call. What would be yours? To just transform into a beautiful woman to enjoy the clothes and make up or to go all the way into being a slut just to suck some cock.

Mesmerize you soon, Savannah.

1-888-662-6482 Ask for Savannah

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Sissy Phone Sex

February 13th, 2009 Comments off

mommytease Sissy Phone Sex

Hello Sweethearts

I had a sweet sissy phone sex call earlier tonight. My dear sissy called me up with his bra and panties on and an added bonus. Sissy boy was all about performing for me. Putting his sexy panty covered ass up in the air so that this kinky housewife’s strap on could just slide on it. But being a naughty sissy boy he was begging for more than just a strap on in his tight ass. Bring on the big black cocks for this sissy bitch to suck to prove how good a cock sucker he is for his mature mistress. I enjoyed every thrust of my cock in that ass and knowing he was sucking those BBC cocks for me.

Talk to you soon, sweethearts

Porscha 1-888-662-6482

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Sissy Slut Phone Sex

November 10th, 2008 Comments off

femdom1 Sissy Slut Phone Sex

SISSY SLUT PHONE SEX. Now any little sissy bitch can dress up and call themselves a sissy boy but how many of you are ready to be a true SISSY SLUT for your PHONE MISTRESS. Well how many? I had a SISSY enter My PHONE DUNGEON dressed up like a whore. Now the sissy bitch wasn’t going to get just any dick forced down that throat. There was dick but it was special tranny dick. This DOMINATRIX didn’t go easy on the sissy slut either, it wasn’t just one or two tranny dick but more a tranny orgy to use that bound sissy. Coating the sissy whore in cum.
Here is where you will find My PHONE SEX bio. I highly suggest you read it and not just admire My pictures for this is where you find out about Me and what I am into.
Goddess Shiva
1-888-662-6482 Kneel when asking for Me
FetishDomina is My aim and yahoo use wisely.

dungeonbanner Sissy Slut Phone Sex

sissy boy phone sex

September 27th, 2008 Comments off

 sissy boy phone sex

hey dick suckers
kay so i just got off the phone this cock sucker sissy slut was on the line. it was a total fucking sissy slut phone sex call like ask what he was wearing and fuck me. kay not really but anyways. 5 inch heels. like that is some serious fucking slut there no denying what the fuck u r with 5 inch heels on. then it got this fetish princess thinking ya can totally tell how much of a slut a sissy boy is by the size of their heels. fuck ya know it . i think now on i am gonna start asking how big ur fuckin heels are when i get a sissy boy phone sex call. so let see the break down on sluttiness.
1 inch heel panty boy.
2 inch heels dildo sucker.
3 inch heel strap on whore.
4 inch heels dick sucker.
5 inch heels full blown walking the street sissy slut.
hahaha. fuck ya i am loving that list. awesome.
cum get twisted with bree 888-662-6482
aim/yim temptingbree
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Cocksucking Phone Sex

September 1st, 2008 Comments off

sexyprincess Cocksucking Phone Sex

hey dick suckers
Sissy sluts time to put on that lipstick and panties on cause Princess Bree is ready to hear you suck some dick. Big ass dick too. I don’t want to hear about those glory hole stories where this one time at the sex shop… fuck that shit! I want to hear actual lip smacking on dicks. Balls banging on chins. oh ya its time to put the slut into sissy slut phone sex.
cum get twisted with BREE 888-662-6482
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Glory Hole Phone Sex

July 23rd, 2008 Comments off

impressprincess Glory Hole Phone Sex

hey dick suckers
its fucking awesome when some sissy calls me. Princess I am sucking my toy vibrator and can take the whole thing down. OMG arent u talented. is that suppose to impress me? ahhh no. what would impress me is to hear how u r sucking a big huge hard throbbing cock. thats what impresses me. wrapped around lots of dick. fuck ya. bring on the glory holes. sissy boy phone sex from the sticky glory hole booths. ya know i will be making u the biggest slut of the glory holes. fuck ya.
cum get twisted with bree 888 662 6482
temptingbree aim/yim
Phone Sex Princess

sissy slut phone sex

July 14th, 2008 Comments off

bratty110 sissy slut phone sex

hey cum sluts
sissy boy phone sex ya right no pretty little sissy boys with me when i am done with ya ur nothing but a slut a cum guzzling cock sucking slut. fuck ya. lipstick smeared, ripped stocking from bein on ur knees the only place a slut should be. short skirts to make it easy to get to ur ass. o’ya now we r talking. sissy slut phone now that is this Fetish Princess idea of sissy boy phone sex. hahaha.
cum get twisted with BREE 888 662 6482
aim/yim temptingbree

Princess will be taking calls for the next little bit….. but don’t worry I will be back tonight to force those slutty mouths down on those big dicks.
Humiliation Phone Sex with a Bratty Princess

Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex

June 8th, 2008 Comments off
bratty110 Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex

hey sissy

there is nothing better than being a brat. a spoiled brat that is use to getting everything i want. taking boys and making them prissy little sissies is one of the things i love to do. but just dressing you up. anyone can do that its all about making you do humiliating things that make me the brat that i am. some times i am not even forcing those little sissy fags into the lingerie. but i do love making them do humiliating things.
cum get twisted with bree 888 662 6482
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Sissy Phone Sex

May 31st, 2008 Comments off

rachteasegloss copy Sissy Phone Sex

my sissy salon is open for business tonight. making those wanna be sissy all uber girly. J was my pretty sissy boy for the nite he got to enter Rachelle’s girly salon. j was a pink glittery lip gloss kind of girl. it looks so pretty having glossy lips. then it was all about the rest of the make up. boys make such pretty girls. but at my uber feminine salon u always leave pretty in pink.
rachelle 888 662 6482
aim coedvxnrachelle

rachelleban Sissy Phone Sex

Sweet Sissy Phone Sex

March 24th, 2008 Comments off

Hello My Sweet Little Sissies! Are you ready to have some phone sex fun with Mommy Marla?? I know that I would just LOVE to hear about some of your stories! I want to know about YOU and how you became a sissy.Now Please keep in mind that Mommy Marla is nurturing and loving with her sissies, however , if you get out of line on our sissy phone sex session , I can become QUITE livid and punish you very quickly! I also want to hear about your favorite things to wear, costumes,make-up, and of course shoes!So be a good little girl,give Mommy Marla a call and lets have some sissy phone sex fun!

5jpgMarlaRe 1 Sweet Sissy Phone Sex

Glory Hole Phone Sex

February 22nd, 2008 Comments off

Hi Sissy Boys!

Well it’s Friday nite. How many sissy’s went out to the local glory hole for some fun? I know lots of you smeared that lipstick. Well now your home and well have no one to share it with. Who will understand better than your Phone Mistress. I mean really half the time I am the one dressing you up in your pretty lingerie and sexy make up. I love to hear your glory hole adventures. Nothing like a little sissy boy phone sex call with Miss Savannah. Tell me all about those cocks you sucked tonight. How you got on your knees. Did your knees stick to that floor? How long did you have to wait for that first cock to come through? Did you gag at all? Mistress Savannah is waiting for the details of your glory hole experience.
Spankings Savannah*

1.888.662.6482 Beg 4 Savannah

aim/yim savannahdesires 

Strap On Phone Sex

February 16th, 2008 Comments off

Hello Strap On Lovers

Well  there is nothing like breaking out my strap on for a little training session. I know that a sissy like you wants to be a wonderful cock sucker but I just can’t let you out right away sucking on hard throbbing cocks yet. No! I need to know that your sissy holes are up for working those glory holes. So what better way then with my 10 inch strap on. Open up and say I am a cock whore. LOL. That’s right. But thats only the start to this sissy training session. Better grab your knee pads sissy boys for your going to need them. lol

Spankings Savannah*

1.888.662.6482 Beg 4 Savannah

aim/yim savannahdesires

Sissy Cock Sucker Phone Sex

January 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Hello Phone Sex Freaks.

Well I just got off a sissy phone sex call from a regular sissy that was telling me what his new years resolution was. I just had to laugh my sexy fucking ass off when I heard it! All this time of talking to the sissy and listening to the phone sex sissy slam dildos down his throat. LOL. Which I have to say there is nothing like listening to a newbie take a mouthful of dildo. Can you say gag reflex clicks in. I know Savannah! What the Sissy’s new year resolution….. To take a real dick in the mouth. I can’t say that I am really surprise or am I? NO! Every week that sissy is begging to go buy bigger and bigger dildos. I am so looking forward to 2008 with that sissy slut and hearing that real cock slide down that throat. Whats ur sissy phone sex resolution? I am WAITING to hear……..
Spankings Savannah*

1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah

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Sissy Slut Phone Sex

December 21st, 2007 Comments off

Hello Phone Sex Sissies.

Now my phone sex day started off with a buzz. Literally a sissy slut called Me up and had a bunch of toys all ready to slam into that pussy. Of course, I could just sense that sissy’s excitement the minute she said what toys she had a dildo and vibrator. Well I started the slut out on that huge dildo. Getting her to prove what sucking skills she had. Very impressive very little gagging reflex. Then being in a generous mood lubing up that sissy pussy for that dildo to work its way in. Oh that pussy was tight I had to hold the phone away from my ear with that much screaming the whole neighbourhood probably heard. I can only imagine what the sissy slut’s neighbours must of thought? LOL. And to think that was only the fucking beginning of the ass to mouth begging for that cock whore sissy. Such a way to start the day sissy slut phone sex. LOL
Spanking Savannah*
1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah

aim/yahoo savannahdesires

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

December 13th, 2007 Comments off

Hey Phone Sex Freaks!
Well I found it! Yes I did! I found the sissies national cock sucking anthem. I know it took some time but here it is Sissies can unite to this one song. I am killing myself laughing to it. Personally the tranny that created it gets one big Spanking from Me.

The big make up and hair from the tranny that sings it makes me think of my caller that so gets off on tranny fag sissification, and I know he will be drooling on this one. That little fag orgasm is brewing right now. S is a total closet fag. He hides his addiction for all things tranny. The clothes, the make up, and most importantly the cocks. So when he gets in one of those moods of playing faggotry dress up he needs his phone addiction ~ one red headed vixen Savannah. I am the keeper of his sissy tranny secrets. Hmmm well till I tell them in a phone sex blog. Oops! Me Bad! LMAO! I love hearing your sissy secrets. How you crave cock? How you think of it 24/7? How you stop wearing boring men tighty whites for hot pink panties! Well I know S’s secrets really well now its time for you to tell me yours? What do you desire or crave? Phone Sex Vixen Savannah is waiting with one big fucking Strap on. LOL.
Spankings Savannah*
1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah

Sissy Fag Phone Sex

November 23rd, 2007 Comments off

Well I just got of a wicked little phone sex call from my favorite little faggot tranny. Our entire phone sex call is Me dressing this fag up. How perfect is that! And its all about the details. The harringbone tweed pencil skirts. The torpedo bras! The drag queen make up. I mean the lips lined with thick dark lip liner and lighter lipsticks. I could go on and on with the details from our phone sex roleplays. But I do know that the one thing that sets off that faggot more then anything is the shoes. Yes and I have a way of teasing that sissies ass. For I always wait till the very end to describe those stiletto heels. Bad Savannah! Todays phone sex fantasy served up a perfect pair of Princess pink 5 inch stiletto pump with and open toe to expose those reinforced stockings. Pretty sure it was the shoes that sent that sissy fag over the edge and not the trannys above her stroking their cocks about to cum all over her. Little bukake anyone? Truly is a drag queen tranny faggot getting all excited and ready to explode over shoes and not cocks. Till next time S. I will be waiting to make you beg 4 those shoes. LOL.

Spankings Savannah*

1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah

Pantyboy Phonesex

November 13th, 2007 Comments off

Hiya boys!! Been talking on the phone so much haven’t had time to write on here. Got a couple of new little panty boys that call me almost every day. New little boy by the name of “C” that just loves to call and service all of my guy friends as well. Plus I got a call today from my favorite panty boy of all time “K”. And he has been doing new things since we last talked. So if you are a little pantywearing, sissy boy like “C” or “K”, then put on your panties and give me a call.





Sissy Boy Phone Sex

November 7th, 2007 Comments off

Probably one of my favorite sounds in the world is heels on a hard surface such as hard wood floors. Now you add to that the image of some sissy boi dressed in black thigh highs, black garter belt, black lacy g-string, and a matching bra. hmmm it spells out one clitty rubbing sight. Poor J had to walk to the bathroom during our phone sex call and i heard those heels. I made poor J walk back and forth swaying those hips. How wonderful those 4 inch black open toe pump sounded. LOL. Shake it for those boys!!! Make them drool for your sissy ass. Now J has the right Sissy Ass walk for those boys.
Spankings Savannah*

1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah

AIM Yahoo savannahdesires

Sissy Boy Phone Sex

October 13th, 2007 Comments off

Sissy Fagot Phone Sex! Is there really any other term for the fun that I had with My transvestite barbi bimbo doll I had last nite. This fag just lays back while I dress him up in absolutely ridiculous outfits. The more extreme the better. There is no forcing stuff on his sissy ass. OH NO! Matter of fact its more a case of “Savannah can we change the shoes for this outfit please to something even more slutty?” LOL. With every item of clothing more restrictive than the last more feminine than the one before. I mean this tranny bimbo slut gets off on the details of the phone sex role play. From pencil skirts to dark lip liner on the lips. Its one orgasmic tranny slut roller coaster of sissy faggot details. So Sissy boy I have a feeling its time for a make over? Cum get a sissy boy phone sex make over with Savannah!
Spankings Savannah*
1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah to girlie you up.

Sissy Slut Phone Sex

October 10th, 2007 Comments off

Sissy boys I was just going through my lipsticks and realizing a) that I have a lot of lipsticks and lip glosses one could possibly consider Me to be a bit of a lip gloss whore. And B) tons of shades from hooker red to bubblegum pink and not to mention all the flavored lip glosses. I mean even though I have so many I can’t help not looking at lipstick and lip glosses even when I go into a store. My purse must have 4 in there at all times. But it got Me thinking as it does. What does lipstick say about you. I mean really! When you wear red do you feel like a whore? Red is synonymous with being a slut. All the nasty girls wore red. Those full lips of pure cherry red glistening under the street lights. And pink is associated with playfulness, a tease if you will. One could even go a cock tease. So Sissy boys whats in your purse? I believe its time to go through them and see what you really are? A nasty slut or a cocktease!

And don’t worry sissy boys if you don’t have your own make up I am sure we can go through your significant others collection of lipsticks and find the right shade to make you what you really are a “sissy boy whore!” ~ try saying that one 5 times~ lol.
Spankings Savannah*
1*888*662*6482 Beg 4 Savannah

Feminization Phone Sex ~With Fetish Phone Babe Monica

March 22nd, 2007 Comments off
Hi there, pretty! How are you today, lovergirl? Teasing the boys as you wiggle on by? It’s so much fun teasing them, isn’t it? Phone sex sissies know exactly how to tease a cock, they know precisely what to do to a stiffening piece of meat. We girls don’t just “open our mouths and insert cock” ~oh, no we surely don’t. We run our fingertips under those full balls, palming them ; gently putting them into our mouth, licking them while gliding our tongues along that fat, hard shaft. Oh, babies… hearing that hard and horny man moaning ~while he’s slipping a finger into your moist hole, stands your nipples straight out, doesn’t it?! Having him grab the back of your head while grunting, bucking and groaning; pushing your mouth down as far as it can go ~stroking those tight, swollen balls until they’re milked right down your pretty throat.
Cock sucking is a talent, sissy. Some possess this talent, others are possessed by it.

Pretty, Pretty Tease ~Sissy Phone Sex With Fetish Phone Babe Monica

March 5th, 2007 Comments off
Hi, pretty one!  I got to spend a fabulous hour with “K” today, and we chatted about everything girlie! We discussed swimsuits ~which ones to wear for boy teasing, and which ones we wear for the jacuzzi. Naturally, we wear the bikini’s to tease but, “K” prefers to wear her one piece while in the hot tub. Either way, I’m sure she’s stunning in both. She (like me), has the luxury of working from home so, she’s dressed all day in her pretty, girlie things. How fabulous indeed!
I’d love to gossip and talk about all things girile with you fabulous phone sex sissy girls so, slip into your lace and pick up your phone. I can assure you, we’ll have a fabulously naughty and kinky phone sex experience.  ~Just us girls!